• No doubt, feeding the needy is a great act of worship and healing for the community at large.
  • AFB is expanding its food bank operations to support more families with steady pickups and deliveries.
  • Three food hamper sizes are offered to meet different family’s sizes
  • The hamper contains rice, pasta, bread, flour, oil, sugar, cereal, coffee, meat, eggs, butter milk and vegetables but we may add more items when we receive more donations.
  • Based on this hampers plan, it is estimated AFB shall support around 100 families which equals to 400 persons with total expected donations of $55,000.00

Make a Difference

Hunger is invisible. Did you know that 1 in 8 Canadian households struggle to put food on the table? make a difference by getting involved: donate, volunteer and spread the word.

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Need Help
  • To get signed up, simply arrive at the foodbank with the required documentations
  • After a brief screening you’ll be given a card/pass. All information is confidential and we assure your privacy.
  • You’ll then be directed to the foodbank distribution area to receive your hamper.
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Get Involved

Become a food bank activist

Donate, Volunteer and Spread the Word