15 Jan, 2022

All praise be to Allah (swt) that He helped us to rollout Alhidayah Food Bank initiative this year and with Allah's blessing we were able to deliver food to our brothers and sisters in need on monthly basis. May Allah (swt) reward those who supported the Food Bank with generous donations and/or volunteering. No doubt this initiative came in the right time to support our community during the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected almost everyone around the globe.

Here’s a quick summary of Alhidayah Food Bank deliverables in 2022:

  • We ran the food bank 14 times this year.
  • Around 60 families served in the tri-cities area each run.
  • Around 280 household served each run.
  • Delivered more than 2,050 pounds of high-quality food each run.

As you may know, feeding the hungry is a compassionate and humane cause that is highly rewarded by Allah (swt). Alhidayah Food Bank is our fulfilment of this cause. As you may know, the most loved actions to Allah (swt) are the continuous ones as our Prophet (PBUH) said. So, to maintain the operations of Alhidayah Food Bank, please donate to this great cause so we can keep up with the demand we have seen. Every contribution counts on the Day of Judgement!

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